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Hygetropin 100 iu kit ( Buy hygetropin 100 iu )


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Hygetropin 100 iu kit

hygetropin 100 iu kit  is also known as HGH and is made by Hygene China.
Human Growth Hormone is a proteinaceous hormone made up of a chain of 191 amino acids and is produced by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the protein deposition, growth of tissues, and the breakdown of subcutaneous fat stores.


Manufacturer: Hygene, China
Pharmaceutical name: Human Growth Hormone 191aa
Pack: 1x200IU (8IU/Vial),1x100IU (10IU/Vial)
Active Life: Varies by injection method
Average Dose: Men 2-6 i.u. total daily
Water Retention: Rare
Liver Toxic: No
Aromatization: No
Positive effects of HGH

Human Growth Hormone ( hygetropin 100 iu )

Human Growth Hormone is produced in its highest levels during adolescence, as should be no surprise since this is when the majority of a person’s body growth occurs. In adulthood, growth hormone still circulates in the body but at much lower levels. The primary medical purpose for administration of human growth hormone is for those that suffer from a deficiency of the hormone during their adolescence so that normal growth can occur. However in recent years the popularity of HGH has surged as a means to treat age-related degenerative conditions, as well as other so-called “anti-aging” therapies.

Usage hygetropin 100 iu

HGH effects on the body highly depend on the HGH dosage, duration, and frequency of intake. The amount you need depends mainly on the purpose of taking HGH. Human growth hormone is measured in IU (international units) and mg (milligrams). 1 mg equals approximately 3 IU while 1 IU equals approximately 0.33 mg.

2-3 IUs – Recommended dosage for anti-aging purposes and improvement of skin, bones, and joints. Low doses below 3 IU can produce the desired anti-aging effects with very few to no side effects. With 2-3 IUs, users can notice a progressive improvement in their skin. Users will also experience better sleep and increase in energy.

4-8 IUs – Recommended HGH dosage for fat loss and building lean muscle mass. With these higher doses, risks of side effects increase. Users may experience mild swelling in their fingertips, toe tips and face due to increased water retention. A rare yet serious side effect of HGH at this dosage is carpal tunnel syndrome, in which painful tingling sensation occurs in the wrist and hands which may be unbearable at times.

8-15 IUs – Recommended for muscle mass gain for bodybuilders and athletes.
The suggested dosages are for everyone however the effectiveness depends mostly on each individual’s personal diet and exercise.

Dosage hygetropin 100 iu

Dosage depends on the purpose. People generally use 2 IU per day for anti aging purposes, 4 IU per day for fat loss and bodybuilding, 8 IU per day to treat severe burns or injuries. If taking more than 2IU per day, it is best to split the injections into 2IU parts. One in the morning, one in late afternoon, etc.

HGH Cycle Duration

1. Short cycle: 1-2 months
Recommended duration for improving the state of cartilage and skin; heal joints traumas.  Cycle is repeated at least twice a year to see significant results.

2. Long cycle: 5-6 months
Not recommended in people without diagnosed growth hormone deficiency.


Store in a cool dry place at temperatures 2-8 degrees Celcius. Do not freeze. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep locked and away from children.

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